Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Music News Nashville | Pain and Gain Song Review

Ed DuBois – Pain And Gain – Retribution Song

Singer/songwriter and soon-to-be internationally known private investigator Ed Du Bois’s debut single is called “Pain And Gain;” just so happens to also be the title of the new Paramount Pictures release directed by Michael Bay. Based on newspaper articles written by Pete Collins in collaboration with Du Bois, “Pain And Gain” – both the song and movie – tell the real-life story of this no-nonsense Miami P.I.’s hair-raising case involving the violent Sun Gym Gang back in the mid-1990s.
The film’s crew began shooting on location in the Magic City last May, and stars Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tony Shalhoub. Ed Harris portrays the larger-than-life P.I., while the real Du Bois makes a cameo appearance opposite the actor. According to Du Bois, on the set, Harris had hoped he was doing the P.I. justice, and as Hollywood expanded on his story, producer Donald De Line assured him that his character would remain a good guy in the movie, which is set to premiere in April.
Du Bois’s country rock single has the subtitle “Retribution Song,” referring to main character Marc Schiller, played by Wahlberg in the film, and his saga of survival against all odds. Here the singer takes on the persona of Schiller, who tells his harrowing tale of kidnap, torture (when you see the film you’ll know that “torture” is an understatement) and finally justice, mixed over solid tracks of gritty electric guitar and haunting keyboards produced, played and recorded by Red Rock Studios owners Tommy Anthony (Santana) and Clay Ostwald (Miami Sound Machine). But it’s the unexpected wow addition of The Devil Went Down to Georgia-inspired Tennessean fiddling produced by Bernie Faulkner (former member of Exile) that gives this record the over-the-top dynamics it deserves.
Janet Goodman (Music News Nashville - March 19, 2013)

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