Who is Ed Du Bois?

The portrayal of Ed Du Bois in the film is largely accurate. Just a few points to clear up:
  • Ed Du Bois has never been a 'cop' as is portrayed in the film.
  • Ed is not retired. He is still very much involved in the day-to-day operations of the family-owned firm, Investigators, Inc.
  • Ed & Sissy lived in a waterfront home on North Bay Island in Miami but moved to 680 Grand Concourse in 1985, ten years before the Sun Gym Gang case.
  • Sissy Du Bois was not a bonsai tree enthusiast as portrayed in the film though she was fond of bouganvillea.

Specialist in the field of private investigation and security

Ed Du Bois, III has been a Licensed Private Investigator since 1960 when he started working part-time for his father's investigative firm - Investigators, Inc. The Du Bois family has been in the investigation and security business for over 100 years, beginning with Edward L. Du Bois, Sr. who joined the NYPD at the turn of the century and assuming the role as Director of Security for the Rooney Hotel and Casino in 1924 on Miami Beach.

President of Investigators, Inc.

When Du Bois' father, Ed Du Bois, Jr., died suddenly in 1968, Ed took over the family firm as President. Ed Du Bois, Jr. (a Miami attorney, judge, FBI agent and private investigator) founded Investigators, Inc. in 1955 after splitting from his business partner, George Wackenhut. Click here to read the story about Du Bois and Wackenhut's business relationship. Ed Du Bois, Jr. was a well-regarded Miami attorney, judge, FBI agent and private investigator. 

NFL Security Consultant

Du Bois was hired by the National Football League in 1968 as a Security Consultant. He is in his 45th season representing the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

Florida Sportsman

A star football player at Miami Edison High School, Du Bois turned down the opportunity to play college ball to pursue a business degree from Florida State University. Du Bois is an avid boatsman and fisherman with a keen knowledge of the waters off Florida and the Bahamas. He is a property owner in Bimini, Bahamas. Ed Du Bois was the original owner of the Whitewater Boating Company.

Family Life

Du Bois married Carolyn "Sissy" Igou (of Orlando, FL) in 1967 and was married for 32 years until her untimely death in 1999 at age 52. Sissy and Ed raised their three children in Miami Shores: Edward L. Du Bois, IV,  Kim Du Bois Nelson and Christy Du Bois Falco - all of whom have worked for Investigators, Inc. Sissy and Ed Du Bois were very passionate about the city of Miami, supporting nonprofits and several community organizations. Their Grand Concourse home in Miami Shores was the frequent site of fundraisers and social events where visitors felt warmly welcomed.

Ed Du Bois, III is from a deep-rooted pioneer American family. His 7th great grandfather, Louis Du Bois, emigrated to America in 1660 as a French Huguenot. The Du Bois family settled in Upstate New York and were founders of New Paltz, New York.  Ed's maternal and paternal grandparents were early settlers of Miami. His maternal grandfather, Louis Hagen, settled in Miami in 1907 and opened one of the first real estate companies there with an office on Flagler Street.

Fun Facts

Ed Du Bois, III relatives:

6th cousin: General George S. Patton

6th cousin: Marlon Brando

7th cousin: Sargeant Shriver