Monday, September 3, 2012

Pain & Gain Press

An interview with Pain & Gain actress Rebel Wilson (who plays one of the bodybuilder's girlfriends) gives a bit of a hint as to P & G's possible aesthetic & tone in a recent interview on Read the excerpt below or the entire interview here.

What’s your role in Pain and Gain?
Pain and Gain, oh, that’s going to be a really interesting movie because it’s based on the true crime story of these three guys played by Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and The Rock who torture and kill people. I play the girlfriend of Anthony Mackie’s character, based on a real life lady who did go to jail for her involvement. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Bay’s going to do with this movie because it is so dark but at times he wanted comedy out of it. So there’s people like myself and Ken Jeong from The Hangover. I’m just so fascinated to see what’s going to make the cut because on some days we were doing improvising and being funny. Then on other days it’s very serious where there’s bodies being cut up and put into barrels. It’s really dark so I think people are going to be fascinated with the movie.

We hear there’s a lot of slow motion in it.
Is there? Maybe of Mark Wahlberg flexing his muscles, I don't know. Michael, the way he sets up the shots, are all incredible. I think me in particular on some of the really dramatic stuff, I think I get pulled out of a house by a SWAT team in slow motion. I can’t wait to see the footage of that. I think it will be a fascinating movie.

Talk about flawed women, Michael Bay movies usually have underwear models, literally. Was he interested in exploring different types of female characters?
Well, what’s fascinating is that when I was in that movie, I get there and my outfits were like Victoria’s Secret underwear. I’m not joking. And I was like, Michael obviously knows that he cast me, and the other two girls were supermodels who played the other girlfriends, but I found that really interesting that I was made to be wearing what they wear, and I clearly don’t look at all with them. I found that really interesting from Michael’s movies, to cast someone like me who is a different body type to the supermodels that he usually tends to cast.